Saturday, May 9, 2015

Two quick sewing projects

I've been intending to re-cover the full-sized ironing board for a while now.  It was old and pretty gross, and the little clip holding the string holding the cover on didn't work very well, so it would always get loose and let the padding get bunched up along the edge of the board.  It was really frustrating, but I had a lot of other projects I wanted to do, and I have another smaller ironing board that hangs down over the back of the closet door in the sewing room/guest room, so the big ironing board wasn't a priority.  But I finally got around to doing it.  I used a tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts.  It was easy, if not quite as fast it was for her.  And now I have a lovely new polka-dot ironing board cover with an elastic edge!
I used the newly covered ironing board to make some cloth napkins with mitered corners.  Now we don't feel quite so much like heathens when we have company (or when it's just the two of us eating dinner on a week night).   I used this tutorial from Nicole at Home, with the narrow hem option, and I cut the rectangles 10.5" by 18".  I probably should have pre-washed the fabric, but I was impatient and I didn't.  So far I've made two of this lovely blue leaf print (one fat quarter makes exactly two with no leftover fabric) and two in a peachy sort of print.  I'll make more so we can have more people over and still have napkins when we need to do laundry, but four is a good start.

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