Monday, January 16, 2017

Grey Cardigan

I finished this cardigan at the end of October. This is the only picture I have of me wearing it, and I already don't remember many of the details of making it.  It's a perfectly good sweater - not quite as dressy as I imagined, but definitely work-appropriate.  Since I finished it, I've been wearing it about twice a week.  After washing it several times, it's a bit shorter and wider than I would ideally like, I think the sleeve caps are not quite tall enough, and it biases a bit toward my left as I'm wearing it.  I'm machine washing and drying it, even though the yarn ball band says to hand wash and dry flat, and so far it's holding up well except for the fact that it shrank quite a bit length-wise.  I was pretty disappointed with the way it shrank, since I had intentionally made the sleeves long so they would cover my wrists, and now they're just a bit shorter than the sleeves on my long-sleeved button-down shirts.  I guess it's a good thing I didn't knit them to the length specified in the pattern!  The next time I wash this sweater, I'm going to try hanging it to dry, to see if I can get some length back.

I like the pattern, but I was pretty frustrated with the pattern instructions.  I'm pretty sure there was an error in the pattern instructions for when to start the lace bib chart for size L.  I emailed the designer to ask for clarification, asked a question in the "Need Help" thread of her ravelry group, and sent her a ravelry private message - and I never received any kind of response.  Obviously I figured it out and knit a sweater I'm satisfied with, but I really think that a paid pattern should have better support.

Pattern: Trellis
Size: L
Yarn: KnitPicks Lindy Chain in Ash (70% linen, 30% pima cotton)
Needles:  I don't remember.
Started/Completed: February 2016/October 2016
Modifications: I don't remember any, except that I fixed what I think was an error in the pattern instructions for when to start the lace bib chart for size L