Monday, May 11, 2015

Knitting along

I've been making some progress on both of my knitting projects - I'm actually a bit further on both of them since I took these pictures at the end of last week.  I finished turning the heel on the sock yesterday evening, and I finished the skein of black yarn you can see in the top left of the sweater photo and spit-spliced on the next one.

I also ripped the one sleeve I'd knit back to the start of the increases just above the colorwork.  On Saturday afternoon I measured what I had done so far and one of my favorite sweaters.  I concluded that because I am not getting row gauge (at all), the slower increase scheme I concocted at the beginning of the sleeve (because I want my sleeves longer than the pattern calls for, and I wanted the extra length at the bottom of the sleeve where it is narrow and not at the top of the sleeve where it would be all baggy) was totally unnecessary.  Now knowing what my actual row gauge is, I expect knitting the smallest size of the pattern as written will give me the sleeve length I want.  Hopefully it all works out ...

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