Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Travel knitting #1

Weekend before last I traveled for a conference, and I needed some knitting to take with me.  The next step in my Lofoten sweater is the colorwork band at the bottom of the body, which is decidedly not portable.  (It involves five colors of yarn!)  So I started a new pair of socks, using the Swans Island organic sock yarn I bought with my Christmas gift certificate.  This yarn is really gorgeous.  It's a semi-solid warm grey.  In natural light, it looks brown, but in fluorescent light it looks grey to me.  The color is called "truffle."  The yarn is soft and feels really nice.

I'm using Fleegle's toe-up sock formula, with ribbing and cabling inspired by these socks by Hunter Hammersen.

I think I spent two hours or so to get as far as this photo shows: one and a half short flights.

This brings me (hopefully very temporarily) up to SEVEN works-in-progress.  I need to finish some things ...

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