Monday, January 19, 2015

Seminar knitting

I've been knitting along on my gradient Multnomah shawl.  This week my department had two job candidates visiting, so I knitted in both of their talks.  We've got another candidate tomorrow and our two regular seminars on Thursday afternoon, so by the end of this week I should have some good progress to show on the lace section - I'm one row away from starting the lace.  I took it to church yesterday and worked on it between services and I got a lot of compliments on it - including from some people who don't usually comment on my knitting.  (Although I did hear the story about the time one of the choir members sat on another choir member's knitting needles in the middle of a service.  I hear that story almost every week, from the same man.  It has a faintly misogynistic note about it: a cautionary tale about the danger that a woman can pose to men, paired with a reminder that I should be careful about where I leave my knitting needles.  I've given up trying to tell him that I've heard it before and I don't want to hear it again - when I did that a few times, it was like he was genuinely surprised that he'd told it before and he was very apologetic about it.  It was super awkward.)

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