Monday, January 12, 2015

Cross-stitch Roses

This is one of my loooooong term UFOs.  I started it in high school.  I was kind of on an embroidered pillowcase kick, because I was using a set of pillowcases that my mom had embroidered with her grandmother's help when she was in high school.  I decided to embroider some pillowcases and started two sets, including this printed cross-stitch rose set. The first case is finished except for some stem-stitching, but in the 10+ years it's been in storage, it's gotten some pretty bad brown stains.  I don't want to wash it before it's done for fear of washing off the pattern, so I'm just going to finish it and hope it washes clean.  This is probably my most depressing UFO.
I couldn't face all the stem-stitching, so I started the cross-stitching on the second pillowcase.  I like cross-stitching a lot more than stem-stitching, plus the brown discoloration isn't anywhere near as bad as it is on the first one.  Also, I'm going to run out of the green thread soon, so I might as well stretch that out until I get to the craft store again.

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