Friday, April 18, 2014

The white lace shawl: frogged and restarted

This is what the lilac leaf shawl looked like on Saturday morning.  I ran out of yarn the day before, having knitted (8.5 - half a row) pattern repeats, of the 15 called for in the pattern.  I think 12 repeats (or even 10) would have made a nice shawl, but 8 was just too short.  It pained me, but I frogged it.  Here is what it looked like on Sunday morning:
I used my kitchen scale to estimate that I had about 684 yards.  I started a new crescent shaped shawl on Sunday evening - here's what it looked like on Monday morning:

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  1. Oh wow, I would have had so much trouble ripping that out. You are a very strong person!