Sunday, April 13, 2014

Deflect Socks finished!

I finished my Deflect socks this past week!  I really enjoyed working with this yarn.  The color is lovely, and it has good stitch definition for the cables.  The pattern was fun, too.  The only thing is, the socks are a bit long in the foot, because the pattern repeat is a bit long.  I put two full 36-round repeats on each foot, and they ended up just a bit long.  You can also stop after a half-repeat and just work even after that until the right length.  I honestly probably should have stopped after one and a half repeats, but I thought that that would make the second half of the foot look boring, so I didn't (I would have had 10-15 plain rows after the pattern if I had done that). 

Also, the toe instructions are kind of confusing and maybe not entirely right.  The way there is a purl column (but only one stitch wide) in between the decreases on the patterned side of the foot is a bit weird.

All in all though, a success!  I think I will enjoy wearing these socks.

pattern: Deflect socks from Knitty
yarn: Fibranatura Yummy, 100% superwash wool

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