Saturday, September 14, 2013

CMS knitting

I finished everything except the sleeve edging and weaving in ends in CMS on Thursday.  I forgot that the edging requires a crochet provisional cast-on, so I didn't bring waste yarn or a crochet hook and couldn't start the edging. 

I tried it on on Thursday morning.  The sleeves are just past my elbows, so with a 3-3.5" edging on them, I think they will come out to be a perfect 3/4 length.  The only problem is that the opening between the two sleeves is a little bit short.  I needed help getting it off after I tried it on.  Hopefully it will be easier to get on after everything is finished and I feel a bit better about pulling on the ends of the sleeves (and with practice I will figure out how to get it off on my own).  I'm sort of tempted to put a crochet edging around the opening, to make it a bit sturdier, since it being a bit too small will put more stress on the edge when I put in on/wear it/take it off, but I'm a bit worried about making the opening even smaller.  I'll have ot see how it fits when it's done (maybe even after blocking) before I decide.

This is my only active knitting project right now.  I also have my mitered square blanket with tofutsies leftovers, but that one is on the long-term back burner.  I'm looking forward to starting another knitting project when the shrug is done.

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