Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Colloquium/CMS knitting

Last week was the first week of the Spring semester - and we had one colloquium and one CMS, as usual, but not in the usual order. There was a "special colloquium," a.k.a. a job talk, on Tuesday but no colloquium on Thursday.

I can't remember if I've posted about these socks yet, but I started them while I was in Denmark over New Year's. My Farmor was fascinated by the toe-up construction. Even though she's knit tons of socks, she had apparently never seen any construction method other than the standard cuff-down one.

My concern with these socks is that when I bought the purple yarn (Lorna's Laces sock yarn) several years ago, I only bought one skein. I guess I was new to sock knitting, so I didn't quite understand that you really need two 50 gram skeins, and it was pretty expensive, but it was so beautiful I couldn't not buy any. So I'm making contrasting toes and heels with green yarn, which is leftover from another pair of socks. My plan is to knit one foot, then the other, and then alternate on the legs to see how long I can make them.

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