Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Me-Made-May Second half (and very late) (5/16-5/31)

Here are the me-made items I wore during the second half of May:  (as best as I can remember - I was on vacation for most of this time period, and now I've been home a week and am only now writing it all down)
I successfully finished my challenge - I think I actually wore all of the clothes I have sewn for myself, although not all of the items I've knit for myself.  I learned a few things about my me-made wardrobe.  I favor blue in the things I've sewn for myself (and I have a lot of blue ready-to-wear clothing).  I'd like to branch out a bit in terms of color.  I've also sewn a lot of clothing for warm weather, but not so much for cooler weather.  This needs to change, since we're moving to the Midwest this summer.  And third, most of the clothes I've sewn for myself are either quite casual or are dresses.  This has been perfectly appropriate for a graduate student, but I really want to be planning and sewing the wardrobe I'll need as a new assistant professor, so I'm thinking about more professional things to sew for myself.  One of these days I'll get myself together and write a whole post about that.

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