Thursday, March 5, 2015

CMS/Colloquium knitting

After I cast off my Gradient Multnomah last week, I didn't have a single knitting project on the needles to take with me to CMS and Colloquium!  It is really rare and a little weird for me to not have ANY knitting to work on ... so I cast on something new.  This is the beginning of the hemmed cuff for the first sleeve of Lofoten.  The bottom black part (up to the purl ridge just below the colorwork) will be folded under.

I'm making a few modifications:  I'm knitting the 40" size (this sweater is intended to be worn with 4" of positive ease), but I think I'm going to want to lengthen the sleeves (and possibly also the body), so I started the sleeves and the bracelet pattern with the chart for the 36-38" sizes.  I expect to just make the increase section longer, to end with the right number of stitches for the 40" size at the top of the sleeve.  The instructions say to just knit even at the top of the sleeve increases for extra length, but I don't think I want the extra bagginess at the top of the sleeves.  I'd rather have them a bit narrower for the length of the sleeve.  I hope this works out!

Now I need to get working on finishing a few of my UFOs - I'm up to 7 (EEK)!

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