Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quilting & Binding

I quilted my modern HST quilt ... two, maybe three weeks ago.  Then I attached the binding, sat down to sew it down to the back, got almost to the first corner, and saw this:
There was no way that corner was going to work.  I unpicked the crooked stitches, but I haven't gotten around to getting the machine back out to re-sew them, so this project is kind of stalled.  What with moving this weekend, it's not going to happen until we're settled in the new apartment (but in a dedicated sewing space!  Yay!!).

Notwithstanding the fact that it's almost done and I haven't motivated myself to actually finish it, I really, really love this quilt.  It's my favorite one that I've done so far (my niece's lone star baby quilt is a close second).  I love the fabric and I love the solid negative space.  I think I managed to capture the "modern quilt" aesthetic that I admire so much.

I had a great time at Quiltcon last weekend, and took a few pictures.  I also bound off my gradient Multnomah shawl last night.  I'll be so excited to post reports on both of those after we get moved!

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