Monday, November 24, 2014

Mod Baby Quilt

One of my very good friends is having a baby very soon.  Her baby shower was last week, and I made her this baby quilt.  She has a very modern aesthetic, and I wanted to make the quilt to match that, so I used this tutorial from Oh Fransson to make the blocks for the front and I enlarged this block with a low volume scrappy background for the back.  I really love how the back turned out.  Also, this friend is a mathematician so I was really excited to find the black print - I don't think it's visible in the picture, but it is an arithmetic print!

The nursery has dark blue, lime green, and orange furnishings and decorations, so I looked for fabric in those colors for the front. 

After I finished the five mosaic blocks, Robert helped me choose a layout and draw it to scale, and I worked with that to cut the background fabric.

I quilted it with freemotion starbursts on vertical lines.  I got the idea from the quilting on this quilt by Kelsey at Everyday Fray. 
I used light grey thread on the back and switched thread back and forth on the front, with navy on the background and light grey on the mosaic blocks.  It was a little bit frustrating at first to get the tension right with different colors on the front and back.  I never got it perfect, but it's not bad.  It got a little bit better after I washed it. 
The quilt seemed to go over well at the baby shower.  I hope my friend and her family enjoy it!

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