Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter break knitting: Mittens!

After I finished my niece's sweater, I started on these Deep in the Forest mittens.  I knitted on this first one through multiple holiday parties, movies, and a plane ride.  The pattern is written for three sizes, which are achieved by changing gauge.  I'm knitting them at the smallest of the three given gauges, and although I was initially worried that they would still be too big, the colorwork makes it pull in  a bit and it seems like they'll fit.  The pattern is written for two identical mittens, with the palm on one being the back of the hand on the other.  I want the two mittens to be different, so I am only knitting half the chart for the first mitten and will knit the second half for the second mitten.  Here's what the palm of the first one is looking like so far:

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