Sunday, January 19, 2014

CMS/Colloquium knitting - first of the semester!

I worked on the lilac leaf shawl in CMS and Colloquium on Thursday.  I think I'm going to just leave this in my desk at work and try to photograph it with the camera on my Surface each week.  I'm interested to see how far I can get on it (maybe even finish it?) if I only work on it during CMS and colloquium.  This week I got over a full repeat of the center leaf lace done - the pattern calls for fifteen 20-row repeats.  I also have the other side edging (which is the same as the first side edging) to do and then graft to the main piece. 

This is a good project for knitting on while listening to math talks - it's easy!  When I was working on my first lace shawl, I never thought I would say that this kind of project is easy, but compared to my Deep in the Forest mittens, it is!


  1. Beautiful! Do your lecturers look at you strangely while you knit and listen?

  2. No, I usually try to sit near the back of the room and be sort of inconspicuous. I've never had a speaker comment on my knitting. I think my colleagues are a bit amused, though.