Monday, October 22, 2012

CMS and Colloquium and more CMS

We've had some strange Seminar schedules lately.  First there was CMS on a Tuesday, and then I went to Yarn School, and then there was Colloquium on a Monday, and then there was a normal Thursday CMS but no Colloquium ...

The top picture was taken in the airport on my way to Yarn School (which was TOTALLY AWESOME).  It represents progress as of the Tuesday CMS, which was about two weeks ago now?  It's hard to remember.  I got some work done on it at Yarn School, but now it's on hold while I work on this:
This picture was taken after the Monday colloquium.  The first mitten is now finished.  These are a "congratulations on becoming a big sister" present for my cousin's two-year-old.  Now I just need to knit the second one and finish the binding on her baby brother's quilt!

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