Monday, November 7, 2011

My church's fall fundraiser/auction was on Saturday night. I donated two things - a pair of custom hand-knit socks, and a flannel rag quilt baby blanket. I spent a good part of a weekend cutting flannel squares, matching them up, and stitching them together to get this:
Then over the next week I clipped the huge (1 inch) seam allowances into little fringes. Then I washed it. The point of a quilt like this is that the fringes will soften as it is washed and loved into fuzzy ridges. It gives of a LOT of lint and little threads in the process. After I machine dried it, I removed an inch-thick layer of lint from the dryer's lint catcher, and we are still finding little flannel threads around the apartment. I think it turned out well. Here's a picture of the blanket finished, folded, and ready to be dropped off at the church. You can see the back, which is smooth. I think it turned out well, but I didn't do such a good job of matching the corners. My favorite fabric is the little birds.

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