Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mending my pink sweater

Robert and I are going to his cousin's wedding this evening. This pink ballet wrap sweater is the only nice sweater I currently own (and the color is much nicer than the picture shows - it's a lovely tulip pink). When my mom was visiting last weekend, she helped me pick out a new dress to wear with it - a grey knee-length dress with lace and bead-work. The only problem was, the sweater had a hole. Right under the armpit, where a seam opened up a few months ago (it's kind of a sculptural sweater, and not super-easy to get on and off). As Robert can attest, my usual reaction to clothes with holes is to toss them in the trash, but this sweater is way too special for that, and it was only in the seam, so I just stopped wearing it until I could fix it.

Of course I lost the extra thread that came with the sweater, but instead I used one ply of this sock yarn - I figured that since the sweater is cashmere, wool yarn would be more suitable than cotton embroidery thread, which was the only other remotely matching yarn/thread I have. The repair is far from invisible, but it's pretty good, and it'll be hidden under my arm, so I'm happy.

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  1. I feel bad getting rid of sweaters when they get holes because it's such a small part of the garment that is bad, compared to all that yarn that doesn't have holes in it. I am not good at repairing them, though, so I end up wearing a good number of sweaters with awkward-looking repairs. I guess if I ever get a real job, I'll have to either get better at repairing them or get used to tossing them, but for now, I'll just wear them in their awkward glory.