Monday, October 17, 2011

Fingerless mitts from my handspun!

I finally got around to finishing the yarn I was spinning on my birthday (except for a bit of singles that I still need to ply). I put it on the niddy-noddy and washed it in Eucalan ...
... then hung it in the shower to dry.
The yarn looked pretty balanced when it was hanging on the hanger, but when I went to wind it into a ball, it seemed woefully underplied in a lot of places. I'm really not sure what is up with that, but I guess when I ply the rest, I'll try to put a bit more twist in it. Maybe it means my singles didn't have enough twist?

Whatever the cause, I'm not that worried about it. I'm a new spinner, so hopefully I'll get the hang of things as I do more spinning. I decided to use the yarn to make fingerless mitts to wear during symphony rehearsals. The hall we rehearse in is absolutely freezing cold, and I feel like I need something to keep my hands warm. I'm kind of making the pattern up as I go along, since I didn't really know what my gauge would be, and I didn't love any of the patterns I saw online for handspun mitts. Here's the first cuff:

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  1. The other day, I was wondering whether you had made anything from the yarn you were spinning. I'm glad it's going to be put to use. Cold rehearsal rooms are the worst.