Monday, October 31, 2011

CMS/Colloquium - Socks finished!

I finished Taylor's socks just at the end of colloquium on Thursday, but she had to run off right after and I didn't want to let her take them or post until I had a picture of her wearing them. So I gave them to her at our TV last night, and took this picture of her wearing them and one of my feet in my handknit Koigu socks. Lovely and cosy!

My next CMS/Colloquium project is going to be this tea cosy. I started it last summer and was thinking about it for quite a while before that, but I have so many other projects that it hasn't been worked on much. And it may not get worked on much now - I donated a pair of custom hand-knit socks to my church's auction again this year, so as soon as I find out who buys them (hopefully next week) I will probably have to start knitting like a maniac on them, since I promised in the listing that they could be done by Christmas.

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