Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CMS/Colloquium knitting and henna!

This is where my second pink sock was at the end of last week's colloquium - about half-way down the leg.

Last week, there was a student group at my university doing henna designs as a fundraiser for Japan. A few of the girls in my department went and got our palms henna-ed. Here is my design:
It was pretty extensive. The girl who was designing it just kept on drawing more and more on my hand and arm! It turned out beautifully. I was particularly interested in how differently the skin in my hand and the skin of my arm took the dye. It also faded out at different rates - two and a half weeks later, I still have a bit of orange on the heel of my hand, but the part on my arm has been gone for a good week.

More pasts to come about the last colloquium and a fiber festival!

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