Friday, January 8, 2016

Handmade Christmas Part 1

I made two little bear carriers from the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book.  One for my niece (whose back you see in the top photo) and one for my cousin's daughter.  Both girls are two, and even though the book says the carrier will fit children 3 though 8, it fit both of them just fine.
I left the soft part of the velcro off the straps until Christmas day, because without trying it on one of the girls, I had no sense of where I should put it.  I bought one yard of velcro tape total, and ended up cutting the soft side into 16 equal pieces.  I sewed the first one on each strap about 15" from the end, and then spaced three more evenly between the first one and the end of the strap.  (Hopefully this information will be helpful for someone else sewing this as a gift for a toddler!)

The bear carriers went over well!  I didn't get any good photos, because I was using my phone camera and two-year-olds move fast, so all of my pictures ended up pretty blurry.  This was a pretty easy and satisfying project.  I'll definitely make it again if I need a gift for a young child!


  1. Those bear carriers are cute!
    I remember making them one Christmas Eve and sneaking in and measuring a sleeping child for velcro placement.

    Great tips for placement, do you mind if I link you to the O+S forum?
    xx N