Sunday, August 31, 2014

The first CMS/Colloquium of the school year

With Robert's dress socks done, I dug out one of my longterm (very longterm ... the last time I worked on it was in college, so at least 4 years ago) UFOs.  It's a mitered square blanket using Tofutsies sock yarn left over from the sock war in Summer 2008.  I'm using this strategy to make the squares by knitting them onto one another.

I knitted 2 or so squares in my two seminars on Thursday afternoon (but the first seminar was short, it was just a planning meeting).

If I remember right, the reason I stopped working on this was that I don't really have enough yarn to make it any sort of reasonable size.  I weighed it the other night, and the knitted parts are 90 grams and the yarn I've got is 74 grams.  It is currently 17.5" by 18.25".

At this point I just want to finish things and get them off my UFO list, so I'm going to unravel the one square (I was going to make it one square wider than it currently is) and re-knit it on a higher row, and then knit until I run out of yarn.  At that point, it will be however big it will be and I will figure out what that size can be useful for.

That said, if anyone out there reading has Tofutsies yarn that you would be willing to give me, I would gladly take it.

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