Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Jelly Roll Race!

My mom and I had a long-distance quilting date last night to start our jelly roll race quilts (but we're not racing).  We watched a youtube tutorial that claimed the top can be pieced in 45 minutes, but I took about two hours to sew the strips together, trim the bias seams, and press them.  I was a lot more meticulous than the woman in the tutorial, though: I pinned and marked all of my slanty seams, which I'm pretty sure she didn't do, but I didn't trust myself to eyeball them.  I'm pretty sure the tutorial didn't press any of the seams, either, and I just can't see how that wouldn't cause puckers all over the quilt top.  I'm extra glad I pressed, because I caught a mistake - I had accidentally sewed one of my seams "wrong side to right side," and if I hadn't been pressing I probably wouldn't have caught it until I sew the long seam, and by then it would be too late to fix!

I'm so excited for our next quilting date.  It's so much fun to do projects together, and this is a fun and easy one!

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