Saturday, September 15, 2012

Grey Sweater progress

I've been steadily knitting away on my grey sweater.  This week I joined the sleeves and body together.  I can't wait until it gets far enough to try it on!  I'm mildly worried about the size - I played pretty fast and loose with the gauge - my reasoning at the time was that the listed sizes for the sweater seemed kind of large, so it would be okay if my gauge was a little small. 

I just went and measured my gauge and did a back-of-the-envelope estimation (thank you Frontiers of Science) and my gauge is 24 sts/10cm.  The recommended gauge is 22 sts/10 cm, so with 230 stitches around the middle, my sweater's circumference should be right at about 96cm, a.k.a. 37.75 in, so it should fit perfectly!

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