Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here is where the second sock was at the beginning of CMS on Thursday - very nearly done! I just had a few more rows. I unfortunately discovered that either the second skein of yarn was a yard or two shorter than the first, or my knitting tension wasn't quite the same as it was on the first sock, so before I could graft the cuffs, I had to "tink" a few rows of the first sock so they would match. Then I grafted the tops, and I managed to weave in the ends on one of them before the end of colloquium. Now I just have to weave in the ends on the other one, and then tonight I'll get to start a new project!! Here's where they were at the end of colloquium:
I was at Target last night, and they've started to put Easter stuff on sale. They had a bunch of really adorable Easter baskets, but these adorable buckets were less expensive. I got one large one and one small, and I'm planning to use them to store projects around the apartment.

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